Czech proton centre can admit British boy with brain tumour


03.09.2014 11:44

Prague/London - The Prague-based proton centre has received the medical files of a British boy suffering from brain cancer whose parents took him from hospital without doctors' consent, and it is prepared to admit him for treatment, centre spokeswoman Jana Kulhankova told CTK today.


Brett a Naghemeh Kingovi (uprostřed a vlevo) po propuštění z vazby v Madridu. ČTK/AP Andres Kudacki

The parents, who wanted to take their seriously ill son to the Czech Republic for proton therapy, were released from custody in Madrid on Tuesday after the British authorities dropped their charges of threatening their son´s health.

The parents immediately went to see their son in a hospital in Malaga, south Spain.

"We can confirm that we have already received the medical documentation and we are prepared to admit the boy," Kulhankova said.

The data on the five-year-old boy Ashya were sent to Prague this morning by the hospital in Southampton from where the parents, Brett and Naghemeh King, drove the boy across France to Spain.

They allegedly planned to sell their recreational real estate there to gain money for the proton beam radiation therapy in Prague.

Britain issued a warrant for their arrest on suspicion of wilful neglect and they spent three days in custody in Spain.

They were released after the urgent calls by politicians and the public. They want to reunite with the boy today.

Doctor Gary Nicolin, head of the paediatric neuro-oncology ward in the Southampton hospital, claims that the boy should first undergo two cycles of chemotherapy that would take a few weeks.

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