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24.03.2014 08:21

Prague - The Social Democrats (CSSD), the Czech senior government party, have not been united in their views of the Ukrainian crisis, Lukas Jelinek writes in daily Pravo today.


V centru Kyjeva se sešlo několik tisíc lidí, kteří demonstrovali za zachování jednoty Ukrajiny. Na náměstí Nezávislosti zaznívaly obavy z toho, že Rusko se nespokojí s anexí Krymu a bude se pokoušet destabilizovat i převážně ruskojazyčnou východní Ukrajinu. ČTK/AP Sergei Chuzavkov

The CSSD has not been thoroughly dealing with foreign affairs in its programme discussions. Only a small group of enthusiasts focuses on diplomacy, while the others are fully engaged by "big issues" concerning the common lives of their voters, Jelinek says.

He notes that CSSD lawmaker Vitezslav Jandak said in the lower house on parliament on Friday that talking about Ukraine will not help Czech citizens.

There has been no real fighting in Crimea, yet it is war, Petr Pesek says in Lidove noviny (LN).

Ukrainian soldiers gave up or barricaded themselves at their bases, although they control only one after the weekend. With regard to Russia´s predominance and a poor support from Kiev, this result is hardly surprising, Pesek writes.

He says the Russian territorial expansion need not remain "calm."

Pesek writes that NATO reported that Russia is gathering its troops near the eastern border of Ukraine.

It would make no difference whether the troops invaded the eastern part of Ukraine, go to Moldova´s Trans-Dniester Region, which Moscow has already under its control or provided "assistance" in a Baltic state, for example Latvia, Pesek writes.

Traditional Czech parties have been avoiding the law on the financing of political parties for so long that a competitor appeared that cannot be limited in such a way, Petr Honzejk writes in Hospodarske noviny (HN), referring to the ANO movement of billionaire Andrej Babis, current finance minister.

All limitations that the CSSD, TOP 09 and Civic Democrats (ODS) will agree on, are not going to limit Babis and his ANO, Honzejk says.

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