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26.06.2014 08:14

Prague - U.S. President Barack Obama suffers from Iraq syndrome, Zbynek Petracek writes in Lidove noviny (LN) today.


Ilustrační foto - Americký prezident Barack Obama hovoří o situaci v Iráku. ČTK/AP Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The latest developments in Iraq have only made the USA send 300 military advisors to Iraq, which can be denoted as the U.S. bungled withdrawal from the country, Petracek writes.

It can also be called Iraq syndrome, that seems to be suspiciously similar to the U.S. bungled withdrawal from Vietnam 40 years ago, he adds.

With its latest policy in the Middle East, the USA is freeing the hands of Iran that will help the Iraqi government on behalf of Shia solidarity, Petracek writes.

Americans themselves seem to return to the era of their withdrawal from Indochina in the early 1970s, he adds.

The Civic Democratic Party (ODS) is in a worse condition than ODS leader Petr Fiala thought and if no basic change occurs in it, the party may follow the fate of the Freedom Union and other parties that are in the political oblivion, Jan Martinek writes in Pravo.

When taking over the ailing party in January, Fiala was really assigned quite a difficult task, Martinek writes.

He must have known that soon two sets of elections will come in which the party could only score poor results, he adds.

Now local and Senate elections are in sight and nothing seems to show that the ODS will arise from the ashes like phoenix, Martinek writes.

This will not happen even in Prague, its former stronghold, where the right-wing voters seems to prefer the conservative TOP 09 and some newly established parties, he adds.

The most glamorous party of the year, the forthcoming International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, will be held soon and as each year, the question returns whether the state exaggerates its sponsoring of this mega event, Petr Fischer writes in the financial paper Hospodarske noviny (HN).

As the festival is sponsored with 20 to 40 million crowns by the State Fund for the Support to Cinematography each year, it is rather a very specific project in which the region's cultural and economic interests are mixed with the economic interests of film-makers and artistic and social aspects, Fischer writes.

Karlovy Vary is turning into a town in which one can enjoy oneself in the presence of small and big stars, businesspeople and politicians seeking the public attention alike once in a year, he adds.

However, it is becoming less a town in which one can see interesting films, where one can seek the answer to the question of what film is and what it does with film enthusiasts, Fischer writes.

If anything, the state money seems to sponsor the roast beefs, the Mojito and Becherovka drink there, he adds.

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