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Prague - Social Democrat (CSSD) MP Igor Jakubcik, who on Friday branded the Catholic Church collaborator of the Nazi Germany, probably acquired this view before 1989 when it was a part of the propaganda the Kremlin spread in the Soviet bloc, Alexandr Mitrofanov writes in daily Pravo today.


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This false propaganda was an especial success among the atheist Czechs, Mitrofanov writes.

After all, many Czechs still remain influenced by the pre-1989 Soviet propaganda as far as their relation to the USA is concerned. Most recently, the same source (Kremlin) has spread "advice" on how to approach Ukraine, Mitrofanov writes.

However, the circumstances that provoked Jakubcik´s words should not be forgotten. He reacted to opposition TOP 09 MP Frantisek Laudat´s statement in the lower house that the centre-left government has taken an immoral approach to church restitution in view of what the Church endured in wartime and under the communist period, Mitrofanov writes.

Laudat´s words meant his switching from matter-of-fact arguments to the black-and-white world of ideological clashes. A stormy exchange of opinions followed in the same style, Mitrofanov concludes.

It is ridiculous that the annual report of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism (USTR), which the upper house approved this week, keeps totally silent on last year´s personnel quake in the USTR, including Daniel Herman´s dismissal as USTR chairman, Barbora Tacheci writes in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).

On the other hand, the report, drafted by the USTR Council, carefully presents various mistakes of Herman, but it says nothing about the court´s subsequent conclusion that Herman was dismissed at variance with law, Tacheci writes.

Moreover, the report explains that the new USTR management had to "urgently correct" a number of the Herman management´s mistakes. For example, it says it was necessary to correct some "imprudent decisions" on raising the USTR staff´s pay. It does not mention the sum the USTR has lost as a result of the unlawful "prudent" dismissal of Herman and his aides, Tacheci writes ironically.

No wonder that the USTR´s report was approved exclusively by the votes of the Social Democrats (CSSD), as it is in their interest to cover up last year´s botched USTR reshuffle, Tacheci says.

Another party to have backed the report are the Communists (KSCM), who are opposed to the USTR´s very existence. Their support to the report shows that they are willing to tolerate the USTR in its present shape. "This is nothing we should rejoice at," Tacheci writes.

It is humiliating that Czech seniors´ incomes fully depend on politicians´ will as to whether pensions will be raised or remain frozen, Petr Kambersky writes in Lidove noviny (LN).

Czechs pay high social insurance contributions to the state pay-as-you-go pension system, and only few are able to save money for their life in retirement, Kambersky writes.

Almost 2.5 million people depend on the state old-age pension, while social insurance is paid by twice as many people. The proportion between the insurance payers and pension recipients is 2.09 now and it will develop unfavourably, Kambersky writes.

In a couple of decades, pensions may become the main topic in election campaigns. Young people will be demanding kindergartens and hospitals from the state, but seniors will demand higher pensions, in turn for their lifelong contributions to the state pension system, Kambersky writes.

Unfortunately, the present government evidently plans to do nothing to replace the present system with a more effective one, he says, in an allusion to the government´s plan to scrap the pension system reform introduced by its rightist predecessor.

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