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12.06.2014 07:46

Prague - Brazil had seven years for the preparation for the forthcoming football world cup, but it is not prepared even on the day of its kickoff, Jan Palicka, correspondent of Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) from the world championship, writes today.


Ilustrační foto - Prezident fotbalové asociace FIFA Sepp Blatter ČTK/AP Ennio Leanza

FIFA is blind, Palicka writes, adding that it is an extremely profitable business, provided it can deal with football.

If head of the Czech football [Miroslav Pelta, president of the Czech Football Association (FACR)] has a bad reputation, it is no wonder that head of the world football is in the same position, Palicka writes.

Sepp Blatter must explain why the world championship is taking place in the country that is promised to football, but ignores its real problems, he adds.

No, Brazil was not a good choice, although it can bring good football, Palicka writes.

Football world championships are among the last remnants of the old world in which national teams have made possible to their fans to indulge in more or less innocent sports nationalism, Jindrich Sidlo writes in Hospodarske noviny (HN).

Football world championships have provided a great deal of stories that have descended into national mythologies, Sidlo writes.

The German miracle in 1954 as the first evidence of the raised heads of the defeat nation, Maradona's humiliation of England in 1986 as a revenge for the Falklands war, the German reunification celebrated in advance by the gained title in July 1990, he adds.

However, the forthcoming championship does not promise many moving stories.

After the championship ends, there will be time for serious questions. They will relate to the players' excessive burden, the Financial Fair Play rule that was to reduce absurd waste of money on transfers of players, corruption in FIFA and the associated fate of future great tournaments such as that to be played in Qatar in eight years, Sidlo writes.

Intellectuals, feminists and political correctness advocates lash out at anyone saying that football world championship is the biggest event of the Earth, but this is still very close to the truth, Zbynek Petracek writes in Lidove noviny (LN).

Football world championship attracts all nations, ethnic groups, religions and civilisations alike, Petracek writes.

It attracts both Jihadists and those fighting them, he adds.

It attracts even North Koreans, otherwise totally cut off.

In this sense, it is the lowest common denominator of humankind's interest, Petracek writes.

It is the last event on this scale in which even the most progressive West tolerates nationalism in cheering, he adds.

World championships have seen both national triumphs and tragedies, Petracek writes.

Those saying that a football championship is a continuation of policy by other means are slammed over saying a cliche. But still, it is so, he adds.

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