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04.07.2014 07:35

Prague - Czech prime minister´s chief aide Vladimir Spidla, who is preparing a new government plan against unemployment, complained that the country has worked out 103 strategies supporting the economy, Jiri Sticky writes in daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) today.


Vladimír Špidla hovoří 3. ledna v Praze s novináři během jednání grémia ČSSD. ČTK Vondrouš Roman

The long-term unemployment has been at the highest level since 2002, with about 250,000 people who are without jobs for more than 12 months, who represent 40-50 percent of all Czech unemployed, according to OECD data, Sticky writes.

The reasons behind the high unemployment level are the ailing labour market, a lower number of job opportunities, traditional unwillingness to move house to get a new job and, last but not least, the fact that the unemployed can officially earn up to some 4,000 crowns a month while collecting unemployment benefits, Sticky writes.

The last factor was an interesting plan of how to retain the habit of working among the long-term unemployed, but in reality it made illegal jobs of the unemployment unpunishable, Sticky writes.

Unfortunately, the new strategy to support the economy is not likely to improve the situation. Its main idea is that more money should be spent because it allegedly pays off to let people have more money and use it how they themselves want, Sticky writes.

Despite the government´s plan, the economy has been going up this year. It seems that the sad trend of supporting growth in times of growth and saving money in times of recession will continue, Sticky concludes.

The Czech court creates a miraculous situation, Alexandr Mitrofanov writes in Pravo in connection with the case of suspected illegal surveillance related to former PM Petr Necas´s office head Jana Nagyova.

Nagyova, who had a secret love affair with Necas, ordered the military intelligence service to spy on Necas´s then estranged wife in late 2012 and two government employees who seemed to know of the love affair in early 2013.

Mitrofanov writes the court in fact said Nagyova planned the crime, the intelligence officers carried out her plan, yet the officers did not commit any crime.

This really seems incredible, Mitrofanov writes.

Rumours about talks between the ruling Social Democrats (CSSD) and the opposition conservative TOP 09 on possible cooperation appeared after the latest actions of Finance Minister and ANO leader Andrej Babis, which showed that Babis is not a reliable partner, Lukas Jelinek writes elsewhere in Pravo.

Babis made his coalition partners angry by appointing his supporters to supervisory boards of key state-run companies, Jelinek writes.

TOP 09 mastermind Miroslav Kalousek offered to Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD) that his party would help the government push through the fiscal compact and the state budget if the government pledges to start lowering the deficit of public financing, Jelinek writes.

Babis prefers support for investments, which is closer to the views of the Social Democrats. However, it is hard to cooperate with Babis. Kalousek is reliable but he has the reputation of a bad guy, especially among left-wing voters. He is also an excellent strategist capable of profiting from any situation, Jelinek writes.

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