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21.07.2014 07:25

Prague - Czechs should wake up or they will end up crushed in the fields like the passengers of the Malaysian aircraft, Teodor Marjanovic writes about the plane that was shot down in Ukraine last week in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).


Trosky malajsijského letadla u vesnice Hrabove ČTK/AP Dmitry Lovetsky

A dividing line is being delineated in the world between those who consider the shooting down of the aircraft a milestone in history, a Sarajevo 100 years after Sarajevo, and those who outwardly voice outrage, but one can also see their hidden view that they will not be opposed to the situation returning to normalcy, which primarily means economic cooperation, Marjanovic writes.

The first group includes Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, he adds.

The opposite view is held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. President Barack Obama and the tragicomic figure of Baroness Catherine Ashton, European foreign affairs commissioner, Marjanovic writes.

As far as Czech politicians are concerned, none of them has said anything that would be different from the empty phrases which are now being used by the second camp, he adds.

The shot-down civilian aircraft of a neutral state has set into motion the approach to the conflict in Ukraine more than the Russian annexation of Crimea, Zbynek Petracek writes in Lidove noviny (LN).

The West believes that there are ideal conditions for investigation, but Russia insists on the opposite view, Petracek writes.

The victims' bodies are decomposing and evidence is disappearing. This is the picture reflecting the reality and unveiling the Russian approach to the tragedy, he adds.

The tragedy of the MH17 flight has not changed anything in Russia's icy relation to the West, Petracek writes.

Besides, it is giving strength to those who do not want to accept this passively. This is no good signal, he adds.

The war in the Gaza Strip is useless, Milan Slezak writes about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Hospodarske noviny (HN).

When Israelis completely withdraw from the Gaza Strip nine years ago, the Palestinians in Gaza gained unexpectedly a new hope, Slezak writes.

However, Hamas then dominated it. It has a different view of the Palestinian state than Israel, the United Nations and the Palestinian autonomy, he adds.

Hamas wants everything. As long as it rules in the Gaza Strip and it does not change its mind, the war will drag on, Slezak writes.

The war will be useless, but unavoidable, he adds.

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