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Prague - Andrej Kiska is a genius of human communication, Leona Slajchrtova writes in Lidove noviny (LN), commenting on the visit by the Slovak president to the Czech Republic.


Prezident Miloš Zeman přijal 9. července na Pražském hradě slovenského prezidenta Andreje Kisku (vlevo), který je v ČR na státní návštěvě. ČTK Vondrouš Roman

Many Slovaks are speaking about hope, a change in the atmosphere in the country and a respect returning to the presidential office after one decade of Ivan Gasparovic's rule, Slajchrtova writes.

This seems like a fairy tale and one can ask the question of what is behind this, she adds.

In fact, Kiska is an absolute professional in the sphere of communication. The importance of empathy has been his theme for years. He has absolutely dominated this sphere, Slajchrtova writes.

Kiska not only wrote manuals for managers, but he has even verified their validity with his own experience, she adds.

A direct look into the eyes, a firm handshake, he is a champion in this. He has been president for only a month. Let us see, whether he will keep this image, Slajchrtova writes.

Kiska is Zeman's antipode, but although he is much praised here, Zeman is a much more authentic head of state, Miroslav Korecky writes in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).

Zeman and Kiska absolutely differ. Zeman's counterpart on the Slovak political scene is an experienced politician, Prime Minister Robert Fico, with an equally aggressive style, Korecky writes.

As far as the businessman and selfmademan Kiska is concerned, Czech ANO leader Andrej Babis is a model for him, he adds.

Zeman is an intellectual and excellent orator, while Kiska is no real thinker, Korecky writes.

Zeman has been a party member for decades, while Kiska has never been in any party, he adds.

Zeman is an atheist, Kiska is a devout Christian, Korecky writes.

At the start of his presidential campaign, Kiska was a man about whom no one knew anything. In fact, his political views are still quite vague, he adds.

On the other hand, it has been impossible not to know Zeman's views whatever posts he has held, Korecky writes.

The people around President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, not Israel would replace Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Jan Fingerland writes about the latest conflict in the Middle East in Lidove noviny.

The dividing line is not necessary delineated between Israelis and Palestinians, but between Israelis and the Fatah on the one hand and Palestinian militants on the other, Fingerland writes.

Although the two Palestinian movements concluded a cease-fire and formed a joint government a few weeks ago, not Israel, but Abbas's people might replace Hamas in the Gaza Strip, he adds.

Despite a shortage of money, Hamas has been able to renew its missile arsenal, Fingerland writes.

As the Lebanese Hezbollah has also long-range missiles, Israel has been facing two dangers for a long time, he adds.

In the light of the latest developments, Jerusalem's reluctance to fully give up control over the West Bank can be easily understood, Fingerland writes.

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