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09.01.2014 07:24

Prague - Czech president Milos Zeman exercises his post like a feudal as the unjustifiable delays in appointing a new government and the controversial information that persons in his surroundings give to the media prove, Martin Zverina writes in daily Lidove noviny (LN) today.


Prezident Miloš Zeman poskytl 5. prosince v Praze exkluzivní rozhovor ČTK. ČTK Šulová Kateřina

They are persuading the public that it depends solely on Zeman´s will on whether a new government can be formed, or not, Zverina writes.

Such a behaviour deserves nothing but a hard, uncompromising reaction in the spirit of Zeman, Zverina writes.

He writes that Social Democrat (CSSD) chairman Bohuslav Sobotka, who is putting together a new coalition government, has a mandate that is stronger than Zeman´s (whose popularity has declined on top of it).

Besides, if politicians allow the egocentric president to continue his hitherto activities, they will benefit neither themselves nor the Czech Republic, Zverina writes.

The case of the Czech police president who was appointed, then dismissed and again appointed reflects how and by whom the Interior Ministry is managed, which can be a contribution to the current debate on expertise at ministerial posts [on which President Milos Zeman insists], Milos Balaban writes in daily Pravo.

The police presidents were dismissed, appointed and re-appointed under the "layman - politician" Radek John, the "unpolitical expert" Jan Kubice and eventually under the "caretaker minister - expert" Martin Pecina, who is even taking all his steps without the Chamber of Deputies´ confidence and after he handed in his resignation, Balaban writes.

All owe citizens an explanation of what was really behind their personnel decisions, but scepticism about that people will learn everything is justified, Balaban writes.

He writes that for the time being people know that Pecina attempted to circumvent the police president and to push through some of his people to the police corps.

In any case, future probable interior minister Milan Chovanec will not have an easy task - to overcome the mess that his predecessors have left him over, Balaban writes.

New political entities´ biggest advantage is that they have no past, but people who represent them, unfortunately, have it and this is sometimes rather unpleasant, Petr Fischer writes in daily Hospodarske noviny (HN).

It is unpleasant particularly if the entities enter politics with the goal of restoring order and cleaning up the layers of dirt that was being accumulated for many years, Fischer writes.

He writes that this is happening in Andrej Babis´s ANO movement that had to dismiss two MPs right after the recent general election because it did not know before the polls what they are like.

The situation was repeated when it showed that one of the movement´s nominees for transport minister assisted in the past in overpriced public procurement on the territory of former Central Bohemia governor David Rath, now being prosecuted over corruption, Fischer writes.

ANO is a political newcomer and it will definitely improve many things, but the initial stage indicates that future collisions may be much more serious because it is more and more evident that ANO was not (and is not) prepared for government responsibility at all, Fischer writes.

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