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Prague - The Epiphany speech of Karel Schwarzenberg, Czech opposition TOP 09 chairman, and unsuccessful presidential candidate, has corresponded to his position of former foreign minister, Daniel Anyz writes in daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) today.


Předseda TOP 09 Karel Schwarzenberg přednesl 5. ledna v pražském Obecním domě svůj tříkrálový projev. ČTK Doležal Michal

Schwarzenberg finished his speech with a call for real deeds. However, he should not forget that the weight of words often depends on how they are fulfilled, which he should show in his current post of Chamber of Deputies foreign committee chairman, Anyz says.

As dormer foreign minister, he is the far most qualified person to occupy this post in the history of the Czech Republic, Anyz adds.

With his knowledge, experience and contact Schwarzenberg may make the foreign committee work as it should: control foreign political tasks of the government, ask for its intentions and reasons and try to correct them if need be.

This is not easy and as interesting as foreign trips, it is only hard world but Schwarzenberg would thereby really fulfil the content of his speech, Anyz indicates in HN.

"Substitutes" used the chance after President Milos Zeman failed in his role and cancelled the traditional New Year´s address, replacing it with his Christmas message that actually only summarised his work, Martin Zverina writes in daily Lidove noviny (LN) today.

He recalls that Zeman´s predecessor Vaclav Klaus "pretended a dialogue before cameras" on New Year and "the alternative president" Karel Schwarzenberg, who lost the presidential duel with Zeman a year ago, delivered his Epiphany speech.

Schwarzenberg wanted to be very positive and constructive in his speech and similarly like Klaus he called on citizens not to succumb to pessimism and fatalism. However, his effort lacked self-reflection, Zverina writes .

According to Schwarzenberg, the current political scene is not worth mentioning. However, he surely does not think that citizens should resign as far as politics is concerned, Zverina writes.

He indicates that that Schwarzenberg should first reflect his own work in the previous centre-right coalition government whose results were sometimes quite controversial.

The system of political parties cannot survive without politicians whom people can trust. Schwarzenberg definitely enjoys high voter support. However, he should show a real activity after "his little sermon," Zverina writes in conclusion.

The speech of opposition right-wing TOP 09 chairman Karel Schwarzenberg was the most "presidential" one out of the three Czech citizens could hear at the turn of the year but only time will show who the real leader is, Karel Steigerwald writes in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) today.

He hints at President Milos Zeman´s address on December 26 and ex-president Vaclav Klaus´s message on TV on New Year.

Steigerwald says the content of Schwarzenberg´s speech was good. "He returned the forgotten word freedom to politics," he adds.

Schwarzenberg was both encouraging and rebuking citizens in it and finished with "a revolutionary call" for activity and real work.

At the end, Steigerwald expresses hope that Schwarzenberg´s success will not confuse other leaders and make them also tell citizens that "the beautiful country is both thriving and not thriving" as Czech politicians tend to be rather like in a fun house.

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