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17.01.2014 08:25

Prague - Czech President Milos Zeman chose former cosmonaut MEP Vladimir Remek to be Czech ambassador to Moscow in order to improve both economic and political relations with Russia, but Remek may worsen these relations, on the contrary, Petr Pesek writes in daily Lidove noviny (LN) today.


Nový český velvyslanec v Moskvě Vladimír Remek předal 16. ledna v Kremlu ruskému prezidentovi Vladimíru Putinovi pověřovací listiny, a tím se ujal funkce. ČTK Tomáš Pospíšil, MZV ČR

Remek was a member of the European Parliament (EP) for the Communists (KSCM) and he had been a member of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, Pesek recalls.

But the Communists are the political opposition in Russian and it is no longer true that communist means Soviet. It may happen that Remek´s communist links will not help Czech diplomacy at all, Pesek writes.

He says Remek may be a security risk as he graduated from a Moscow military academy in the 1980s.

It is noteworthy that the Czechs decided to use a symbol of the communist regime to fill a key diplomatic post, Pesek writes.

Alexandr Mitrofanov says in Pravo that sociologist and journalist Jan Keller as leader of the Social Democrat (CSSD) candidates running for the European Parliament would be ideal.

Keller is well-known and respected among CSSD voters. He is a radical left-winger who a part of the right wing strongly dislikes, Mitrofanov writes.

The only personality that could match him is former Brussels lobbyist Pavel Telicka for the ANO movement. However, Telicka is ready to change his views, unlike Keller, Mitrofanov indicates.

If the Social Democrats really makes Keller their EP election leader, the result of their ambition may be similar as ten years ago when the charismatic Libor Roucek was the leader, Petr Pesek writes elsewhere in Lidove noviny (LN), recalling that the CSSD won only two of the 24 contested seats in the EP in 2004.

Pesek notes that Keller already ran for an MEP in 2009, for the obscure Green Democratic Party of Olga Zubova, and he failed, although he won a high number of preferential votes.

The CSSD has been rather unsuccessful in the European election so far and their current position does not seem very good, Pesek writes.

He says a possible failure in the forthcoming EP election would not harm Keller but party chairman and future prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

Pesek recalls that Vladimir Spidla stepped down as both prime minister and CSSD leader after to 2004 election to the EP.

Jana Blazkova says in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) that future education minister Marcel Chladek (CSSD) will certainly meet his promise that he will manage that parents will not have problems to place their four-year children in a kindergarten because the present baby boom will by over by then.

About 118,000 children were born in the Czech Republic in 2008 and most of these kids will leave kindergaten and start attending elementary school in the autumn, Blazkova writes.

Last year, about 107,000 babies were born and these children will be those for whom Chladek promised to find places in kindergartens. There will be enough place for them anyway, Blazkova says.

Chladek should help the baby boomers who will move to elementary schools to have the necessary conditions and space there, she concludes.

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