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Prague - The logic that a politician should not deal with politics is idealistic, Alexandr Mitrofanov says in daily Pravo today, referring to a petition by Czech artists calling on President Milos Zeman to scrap his invitation for Ukraine´s President Viktor Yanukovych.


Prezident Miloš Zeman (na snímku) navštívil 15. ledna provoz výrobce regálových sytémů OZAP Toužim. Prohlédl si výrobní prostory a promluvil k zaměstnancům. ČTK Eret Petr

The signatories, including film makers Jiri Menzel, Vaclav Marhoul and Helena Trestikova, should have addressed a petition also to European Commissioner Stefan Fuele and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton who flew to Kiev to meet Yanukovych, shook hands with him and even smiled at him, Mitrofanov writes.

Ukraine has been hit by a crisis. If control is lost over the crisis, it might destabilise Central and Eastern Europe. Yanukovych is not a democrat but he is the legally elected president and foreign politicians need to talk with him, Mitrofanov writes.

But he says the invitation of Uzbekistan´s President Islam Karimov to Prague is a different issue.

One cannot see what makes Zeman invite this despotic president who is used to fiercely suppress all that he dislikes, Mitrofanov writes.

The visit goes against common sense ans against the reputation of the Czech Republic as a country that does not support dictators. Surprisingly, no petition was written in relation to this shameful invitation, Mitrofanov says.

Jiri Pehe says elsewhere in Pravo that Minister Jiri Dienstbier (Social Democrats, CSSD), in charge of legislative and human rights affairs, demanded that a draft amendment to the law on universities concerning the appointment of rectors be scrapped.

Dienstbier opposes the view that rectors should be appointed by the Senate head instead of the head of state only because President Zeman does not want to appoint them, Pehe recalls.

Though Dienstbier did not push his view through the coalition government, he is right, Pehe points out.

A parliamentary democracy cannot change laws only because one of the constitutional officials refuses to perform his duty or use his power, Pehe concludes.

Martin Holcat, who was health minister until recently, admitted that it is not clear how the 235 billion crowns of public finances annually earmarked to health care in the Czech Republic is used, Vaclav Dolejsi writes in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).

This is the second highest state expenditure, following pensions, Dolejsi notes.

It seems that the more prestigious a hospital, the less transparent its financing, Dolejsi writes.

He adds that the financing in unclear especially in case of three prestigious Prague teaching hospitals - the Na Homolce hospital, specialising in spine injuries, the the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) specialising in heart troubles and transplants, and the Prague-Vinohrady hospital specialising in the treatment of burns.

These hospitals seem to employ not only the best doctors but also the most inventive hospital economists, Dolejsi writes.

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