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22.02.2014 15:37

Prague - All major Czech dailies today comment on the current situation in Ukraine where a political agreement has been finally achieved.


Ukrajinští demonstranti v Kyjevě. ČTK/AP Darko Bandic

It cannot be ruled out that the situation in Ukraine will not end well for the pro-European forces, despite the latest agreement, and the Czech Republic should be preparing for an emergency scenario, Jiri Pehe writes in Pravo today.

He adds that Russia has opened the game of chess for Ukraine´s future much better and more elaborately than the West, mainly the EU.

This is why a civil war, bloodsheds, Ukraine´s division or deepening chaos in the country must be still taken into consideration as possible alternatives, Pehe points out.

If it occurred, the Czech Republic would have a chance of really helping the country by accepting up to tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, Pehe says.

The Czech government should set up an emergency committee under the supervision of the National Security Councils if the agreement in Ukraine failed, Pehe notes.

History shows that "crises of certain intensity such as that in Ukraine have always led to a massive wave of refugees. It would be highly unfortunate to hear politicians´ excuses saying the immigration took them by surprise in a few weeks," Pehe concludes.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is defeated after the agreement he concluded with the opposition but it is still not sure who the winner is, Zbynek Petracek writes in daily Lidove noviny (LN) today.

He says Yanukovych has lost his constitutional powers and his main rival, former PM Yulia Tymoshenko, is to be released from prison soon as the parliament has concluded that the acts of which she is convicted are no crimes.

However, Tymoshenko is definitely not the real winner of the truce that was reached on Friday, Petracek adds.

He recalls that President Vladimir Putin scored a victory in the recent situation in Syria where he offered and mediated truce. Yet he has not managed to play this role in Kiev.

However, Putin must have a plan in this respect that he will reveal soon, Petracek writes in conclusion

Czech Deputy Ombudsman Stanislav Krecek should give up the post over his clumsy statements on the crisis in Ukraine, Karel Skrabal writes in Mlada fronta (MfD) today.

In reaction to violent clashes between demonstrators and pro-government forces in Kiev, which have claimed tens of lives, Krecek has written on Facebook that the government can prevent violence only by using violence. He also asks how the Czech government would react if protesters were trying to conquer the parliament, Skrabal says.

He adds that these words clearly show that Krecek is not the right person for deputy ombudsman not to mention the post of ombudsman that he contested but fortunately Anna Sabatova was elected eventually.

She has called on him to refrain from any comments on Ukraine, Czech TV has reported.

Skrabal recalls that Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent the ombudsman to Ukraine and this moderate man is apparently capable of seeking solutions. However, the Czech Republic could not send Krecek to Ukraine or elsewhere, he notes.

Krecek has proved not only his ignorance of the situation in Ukraine, but mainly his bad taste. His acts like a political nerd, which has logically provoked a petition for his dismissal, Skrabal writes.

Krecek should understand that he is not suitable for the post of deputy ombudsman, Skrabal writes in MfD.

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