Czech press survey - December 4

Šéf hnutí ANO Andrej Babiš vystoupil 23. listopadu v Průhonicích u Prahy na briefingu po setkání vyjednávacích týmů ČSSD a ANO.

published: 04.12.2013, 07:29 | updated: 04.12.2013 07:37:36

Prague - The ANO anti-political movement wants the sessions of the lower house of Czech parliament to be "more constructive" by shortening the time of MPs´ speeches, which seems one of the dangerous plans of ANO leader and rich businessman Andrej Babis, Lukas Jelinek says in daily Pravo today.

Babis, who may be next finance minister, said he would like to rule the state like a commercial company, Jelinek recalls.

It is dangerous to apply the business model to the state and control it like a firm. Parliamentary democracy may seem lengthy and exhausting, but it has safeguards against manipulators, including those in a manager´s suit, Jelinek writes.

The lower house session would certainly be quicker and more effective if only heads of the groups of individual parties took part in them. The system could work similarly to a general meeting of a firm: I have 47 shares (seats in parliament) and I am against the proposal, Jelinek writes with irony.

ANO has 47 MPs in the 200-seat lower house.

The three parties negotiating about a possible coalition government seem to forget that an early election was held because of a deep political crisis and they do not exert enough effort to use the opportunity to improve the bad situation, Jan Keller writes elsewhere in Pravo.

They need not have another chance, Keller says.

It is noteworthy that Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) leader Pavel Belobradek is going to leave for the United States for two weeks during the government-forming negotiations this month, Keller writes.

In Hospodarske noviny (HN), Petr Kambersky points to the fact that Interior Minister Martin Pecina (SPOZ), who reinstalled Petr Lessy as police president, even though the current police president Martin Cervicek remains in his post, is an outgoing minister of a government that did not win parliament´s support.

Lessy was made police president under an enormous pressure of Public Affairs (VV) whose unofficial leader Vit Barta is suspected of getting secret data from the BIS counter-intelligence, Kambersky writes.

Barta´s man Lessy should not return to the post of police president, Kambersky says.


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