Czech press survey - December 28

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published: 28.12.2013, 12:54 | updated: 28.12.2013 13:42:13

Prague - The Czech economy would be best helped by an easing and stabilisation of the overall economic and business environment rather than by a currency easing in the form of the central bank´s intervention, Lukas Kovanda writes in daily Lidove noviny (LN) today.

He writes, however, that the Czechs can do nothing about a number of regulations because they take their origin in Brussels, not in Prague.

Kovanda writes that a number of Czechs have quite big savings and if they had a more certainties as for the economic environment, they would invest more, employ more people, spend more money and consume more goods, which si precisely what the Czech economy needs.

Kovanda supports his statement about people´s hight savings saying some 20 percent of Czech households have no savings at all while on the other hand, the average per capita bank deposit, including babies, has increased from 138,000 crowns at the beginning of the financial crisis to 190,000 crowns now.

Until recently privacy in matters of religious faith or sexual relations did not exist even in the West, but now privacy in the sphere of nourishment norms (bans on sweet or fat drinks and meals) or smoking ceases to exist, Zbynek Petracek writes elsewhere in Lidove noviny (LN).

Privacy starts to dissapear at open space-type workplaces, but it is becoming bigger and bigger in inter-personal relations, he writes.

Never in history have there been so many lonely seniors and those who are fashionably called singles living in the heart of an advanced society, Petracek writes.

The speech President Milos Zeman made on December 26 was generally criticised for lacking vision, but if he did offer a vision to the people, he would be torn apart for wishing to dictate to people their future, driven by his lust for the instalment of the presidential system, Jan Keller writes in Pravo.

Throughout the 1990s, people could hear beautiful visions in New Year´s Day speeches [delivered by then president Vaclav Havel], Keller writes.

Meanwhile, the economy was sold out and the family silver was bargained away, Keller writes.

He writes that analysts should first study which of all the visions aimed to lull people has been fulfilled and map out what bad things have appeared in society without anyone mentioning them in visions painted on festive days.

Zeman is an economic forecaster by training. Who else than he should know why he preferred to avoid talking about any visions in his Christmas speech?, Keller writes.

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