Czech press survey - December 18

Zleva tajemník Rady Církve bratrské Petr Grulich, místopředsedkyně Senátu PČR Alena Gajdůšková z ČSSD a poslanec za hnutí ANO Martin Stropnický 17. prosince v Praze na tiskové konferenci po jednání expertní komise složené ze zástupců ČSSD, ANO, církví a náboženských společností k majetkovému vyrovnání.

published: 18.12.2013, 07:24 | updated: 18.12.2013 07:35:45

Prague - The first meeting of a commission initiated by the Social Democrats (CSSD) and ANO, also comprising church negotiators and aimed to debate possible changes to the church restitution rules, showed that the CSSD strives for nothing but propaganda, Martin Zverina writes in Lidove noviny (LN) today.

CSSD deputy head Alena Gajduskova asserts that the CSSD seeks the truth, but she is totally unwilling to admit that churches´ arguments may persuade the CSSD that the restitution rules are just, Zverina writes.

Gajduskova even openly said on Czech Radio that for the CSSD it is the most important what impression its efforts will make on the public. Only fear of a possible wave of court disputes discourages the CSSD from wanting to scrap the church restitution completely, Zverina writes.

The question is to what extent the CSSD negotiators are silly and to what extent they are only uninformed when they fail to realise how advantageous the settling of property relations between the state and churches will be - mainly in view of the parallel process of the separation of churches from the state, Zverina writes.

The Czech police´s dual presidency comparable with the medieval papal schism continues and it should probably be solved by a gentlemen´s agreement between the two police heads, Jakub Pokorny writes in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) today.

The schism is to blame on former interior minister Jan Kubice who disliked then police head Petr Lessy, eagerly sought a pretext for sacking him, finally did so in 2012 over the launch of Lessy´s rather untrustworthy prosecution for slander, and installed Martin Cervicek in the top police post, Pokorny writes, recalling that the court exonerated Lessy who has been re-instated in the post by Kubice´s successor.

Kubice should not have sacked Lessy but he should have only taken him off duty and asked a deputy minister to head the ministry pending a court decision, Pokorny writes.

President Milos Zeman has suggested that a new competition for police president be launched. If so, however, it may happen that the Czech Republic will have even three police heads instead of current two, Pokorny writes.

On the other hand, the big papal schism in 1417, too, ended only with the election of a completely new pope, Martin V. At the time, too, there were three popes at the helm of the church, Pokorny writes.

He says a gentlemen´s agreement should be struck between Cervicek and Lessy, with one remaining police head and appointing the other his deputy.

In Pravo, Anna Durnova criticises the proposal by the Czech lower house´s budget committee that the budget of the Grant Agency, the only Czech institution that finances basic research, be reduced by 58 million crowns next year.

The proposal illustrates the lawmakers´ failure to understand how science functions. Its implementation may liquidate the agency which is crucial for the development and prospects of Czech science, Durnova writes.

Moreover, the proposal confirms again that the Czech politicians celebrate science and research and watch foreign advanced scientific institutions with envy, but simultaneously particular state bodies do their utmost to shun science financing and pass the task on each other, Durnova writes.

According to Grant Agency´s head Petr Mateju, the budget cut would probably afflict the programmes designed for financing research projects prepared by young scientists, Durnova writes.

Critics often reproach Czech science for lagging behind the international competitors and failing to produce young scientists with managerial skills. The budget committee, with its proposal, in fact laughs at Czech researchers´ effort to catch up with their foreign counterparts and mainly indicates that in the Czech Republic, young scientists´ skills to plan grant-subsidised projects is of no use at all, Durnova writes.


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