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Prague - The times of federal Czechoslovakia seem to be becoming fashionable again and some managers and fans would like to revive the joint football league and bankers financing export activities are dreaming of the resuscitation of the "Made in CzechoSlovakia" production brand, Daniel Anyz writes in daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) today.


Tiskař kontroluje rotačku novin, tiskárna - ilustrační foto ČTK ČTK

Soldiers would also like to make their contribution with a joint air force that could guard the two countries´ air space and from which it is a mere step towards a whole Czehcoslovak military, Anyz writes.

Military cooperation would have a clear logic. The two countries could use a joint logistic background, it would help them save money, and both countries, the Czech republic and Slovakia, could become strongly positively visible on the international scene, Anyz writes.

Their possible cooperation could become an exemplary project of the "Smart Defence" idea within which NATO is pressing on its member countries to merge and share their military capacities and means, Anyz writes.

The Czechs will be choosing their president in three and a half years only, yet two persons have already shown interest in running in the direct election - Social Democrat Zdenek Skromach and priest Tomas Halik, Lukas Jelinek writes in Pravo.

Skromach is an experienced politician who knows his limits and is well aware of what he can do and for what he does not have the necessary abilities. However, he is a top-level provocateur, and such people, too, have an important place in politics, Jelinek writes.

Halik, for his part, speaks about the "moral duty to take part," particularly if Skromach were running too, Jelinek writes.

Should the Czechs want a "people´s" president, which is how Skromach designates himself, or a "dignified candidate of the truth and love" among whom Halik ranks himself, Jelinek asks.

He writes that it all looks like "second hand." Instead of having a head of state fighting old battles, the Czechs would need a more energetic personality for the times where it will be twice necessary to defend politics as a trade and democracy as a system at home, while in the oppressive atmosphere abroad it will be necessary to defend European interests and values, Jelinek writes.

Milos Balaban writes in elsewhere in Pravo that one month ahead of a NATO summit in Wales he would like to remember one sentence from the Alliance´s strategic concept approved in November 2010, which said Eurepe is living through the safest period in its history from the military point of view, and asks who would be defending this claim now, four years later.

Balaban overviews the developments in various parts of the world and writes that Hamlet´s words about a time that is out of joints and is mad would now better describe the situation in Europe than optimistic platitudes.

Balaban writes that time may have come for a serious discussion on ensuring the security of the West in much broader political, social and economic connections, which would not only be limited to the mantra of 2 percent of GDP for armament.

The armed forces are no good in collapsed and corrupt states, which are the main source of chaos and instability, irrespective of whether this is to the south or to the east of the EU and NATO border.

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