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16.08.2014 12:55

Prague - The war between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels in the eastern part of the country may develop into a far more serious crisis anytime, even though Western media consider the Wednesday speech by Vladimir Putin in Crimea conciliatory, Libor Dvorak writes in daily Lidove noviny (LN) today.


Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin. ČTK/AP Sergei Chirikov

But already on Friday further Russian military convoys crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, he says.

The European Union only hesitantly agreed on sanctions against Russia, but all the parties involved face the threat of a sudden escalation of tension turning the present development in a mere prelude, Dvorak writes.

There are 280 trucks with Russian humanitarian aid for Ukraine. In the back of one´s mind there is the question of what would happen if one of the trucks was hit by a stray rocket, which Moscow would immediately say is Ukrainian, Dvorak writes.

In such a case, quarrels about sanctions would be promptly forgotten because much more fatal problems would arise, Dvorak says.

Elsewhere in Lidove noviny, Michal Kolmas points out in connection with today´s Prague Pride march that it is noteworthy that Czechs tolerate homosexuals more than specific religious groups and Romanies.

It is hard to tell why it is so, but there may be several reasons, Kolmas writes.

First of all, homosexuals do not concern our purses. Comments about welfare benefits and rent defaulters trigger emotional reactions among the Czech public because they feel that Romanies or foreigners receive special care from the state, Kolmas writes.

With gays and lesbians, there is also no problems with a different colour of skin, a different language or different religious customs, he says.

This is also true about foreigners - the more they look like the majority society, the easier they become part of it, Kolmas writes.

Unlike other East European countries, the Czech society is strictly secular and atheist. One can hardly imagine a festival like Prague Pride being held in a Polish city without police protection, Kolmas says.

The idea of incubators of political parties that would produce those who aspire for political posts is good as it confirms that politics should not be a domain of the incapable and unscrupulous careerists, but that it is a professional activity, Alexandr Mitrofanov writes in Pravo.

However, the Institute for politics and society that Andrej Babis wants to open for his ANO movement in September is a special case, Mitrofanov writes.

Babis wants the new institute to be an ideological basis of ANO that should be pro-European and liberal because it is a member of the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament (EP), Mitrofanov writes.

Unlike traditional parties that do not derive their ideas from the EP faction they joined, Babis is going to first build the roof of the ANO house using his method of outsourcing, Mitrofanov concludes.

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