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22.04.2014 07:35

Prague - The effort at creating a transatlantic free trade zone is part of competing for global political and economic influence between the United States and Europe on the one hand and China on the other, Milos Balaban, a security analyst, writes in daily Pravo today.


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Both U.S. and European politicians know that the end of U.S. economic and ideological hegemony is coming close, which has also been due to the economic crisis of the West that started in 2008, Balaban writes.

China may want the world to take its interests and rules more into consideration, Balaban writes and adds that the fact that China is to be the world´s strongest economy within 20 years should be taken into consideration.

On the other hand economic prognoses say that not a single European country will be among the strongest world economies within 15 years, Balaban writes.

From this point of view the free-trade zone with the United States and a simultaneous continuation of the process of European integration can be one of preconditions for Europe to preserve its global influence, Balaban writes.

He writes that European politicians must strive for an equal partnership with the United States. This should be one of the important criteria in the European Parliament elections.

It is beyond doubt that Washington has entirely reassessed its view of Russia and future U.S.-Russian relations will be reminiscent of the Cold War period, Daniel Anyz writes in Hospodarske noviny (HN).

Washington has also realised how vulnerable Europe is and it is ready to share in its security, but only share, not to fully guarantee it, Anyz writes.

Washington is entirely serious when it says that the defence of Europe is a task for its armed forces first of all, whether within NATO or under the EU flag, Anyz writes.

He writes that the Americans are not returning to Europe, they have only suspended their departure. Tomorrow already, when U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden ends his two-day mission to Ukraine, President Barack Obama will leave for a week-long visit to Asia.

The goal of his visit is to calm down the United States´ allies, particularly Japan and South Korea, and tell them that the U.S. is ready to strategically balance off the growing Asian and global rise of China, Anyz writes.

The proponents of the megalomanic idea of Prague being one of the cities that will host football Euro 2020 demand Prague to provide "organisational and security guarantees," which include the reconstruction of the Eden stadium, the home of Slavia Praha, to accommodate the required audiences, Petr Honzejk writes elsewhere in Hospodarske noviny (HN).

But it is not clear who really owns the stadium, who is to financially guarantee the reconstruction, whom and what the whole operation is to serve, Honzejk writes.

It cannot be ruled out that the state will eventually pay "to avert a shame" just as it did for the skiing championship in Liberec, Honzejk writes.

He writes that the state and Prague should think well about whether such an adventure is worthwhile.

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