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14.04.2014 07:48

Prague - The Russian aggression in Ukraine is the biggest challenge since the end of Cold War, Pavel Masa writes in Lidove noviny (LN).


Ilustrační foto - Proruští ozbrojenci ve Slavjansku. ČTK/AP Efrem Lukatsky

After the weekend, it is obvious that another aggression of Russian forces is already under way, Masa writes.

As far as the situation in Russia itself is concerned, the masses, similar to wild beasts, have sensed blood. For the Russian central power, it may become extremely difficult to rein in the flared-up passions, he adds.

The so-called fight for the rights of ethnic Russians in Ukraine may turn into a fight for the rights of all the wronged in Russia itself, Masa writes.

Moscow insists on Kiev federalising Ukraine. However, it is a matter of time when Russians outside Moscow will ask the question of what measure of federalisation they themselves enjoy, he adds.

A NATO preventative action in Ukraine against Russia is out of the question because a military intervention is a privilege of NATO members, not its partners such as Ukraine in this case, Milos Balaban writes in Pravo.

How about the deterrence? Balaban asks.

It may be efficient, provided three conditions are fulfilled. First, the lowering of defence spending in the EU should be stopped, he adds.

Second, the USA should be convinced about the need of NATO. Third, to convince NATO members neighbouring with Russia that NATO has the capability to defend them successfully, Balaban writes.

After years of life in "strategic calm," this will be a long-distance run, he adds.

However, Finance Minister Andrej Babis has sent a strange signal to Brussels when saying on Saturday that next year, he will cut the defence budget by half a billion crowns, Balaban writes.

Putin and Milosevic are two big cartographers, Teodor Marjanovic writes in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).

The present-day Ukraine is the Balkan tragedy in its initial stages, Marjanovic writes.

People in Ukraine are afraid. They are only watching their country being abandoned at the mercy of a pro-Russian separatism, obviously initiated by secret agents from Moscow, he adds.

Should they escape or not succumb to panic and stay? It may be too late for many of them. In fact, it was too late for about 200,000 people in the Balkans, Marjanovic writes.

Putin has adopted the same approach as Slobodan Milosevic the other day. He keeps redrafting the map in order to put right the shame that occurred in his eyes with the Soviet Union's demise, he adds.

This is a policy similar to that of Milosevic, who, using the myth about both recent and ancient wrongs fomented the war hell only in order to redraft the map of the Balkans, Marjanovic writes.

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