Czech President Zeman meets former British PM Blair in Lany


08.03.2014 20:33

Lany - Czech President Milos Zeman and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had a meeting in Lany chateau tonight, at which they were to debate the European Union and the situation in Ukraine.


Prezident Miloš Zeman (vpravo) se 8. března v Lánech setkal s bývalým britským premiérem Tonym Blairem. ČTK Doležal Michal

Blair took part in an economy-focused forum in Prague this afternoon.

Zeman, who calls Blair his friend, recalled their meeting two years ago.

He met Blair amid the direct presidential election campaign before the opening of the Olympic Games in London. The Lany meeting followed up this event.

Zeman took up the presidential post one year ago today.

Zeman donated to Blair an English-language edition of the famous book The Good Soldier Schweik by Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek (1883-1923) and a few CDs featuring music of various genres rendered by Czech guitar players.

Guitar playing is one of Blair´s favourite pastimes.

Before the meeting of about one hour, Blair signed himself in the book of guests.

The afternoon forum staged by the financial daily Hospodarske noviny, which was attended by Czech politicians and businesspeople, was devoted to the future of Europe, its economic growth and Czech and European firms´ competitiveness.

Blair was British prime minister between 1997 and 2007. He headed the Labour Party that was transformed into the reformed New Labour under his chairmanship.

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