Czech police to act more strictly against drugs - minister


30.04.2014 18:00

Kostelec - The Czech Republic will introduce strict measures against drug crimes in areas near the border with Germany because the situation is getting out of control, Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said after talks with his Bavarian counterpart Joachim Herrmann today.


Ministr vnitra Milan Chovanec na tiskové konferenci po setkání s bavorským protějškem Joachimem Herrmannem (vpravo) 30. dubna v Kostelci na Tachovsku. Jednali především o spolupráci v boji s drogovou kriminalitou. ČTK Eret Petr

Chovanec said the police will focus especially on Asian marketplaces in the border areas, where methamphetamine (pervitin or crystal) is often being sold.

He said the police will primarily aim at drug producers and dealers.

Chovanec admitted that it is hard for police agents to infiltrate Vietnamese drug gangs.

In the last few years, Vietnamese gangs based in the country started producing pervitin and growing marijuana.

Chovanec said the drugs are not only exported, but they have become more easily available in the Czech Republic, at discos and elsewhere.

He said the Czech Republic and Vietnam will open a discussion about the possibility of Vietnamese criminals to serving their prison sentence in their home country.

Chovanec and Herrmann today agreed on joint action to fight the drug crimes, but they wanted to keep these issues secret for tactical reasons.

Bavarian police inspector Thomas Hampel recently told CTK that the use of pervitin has obviously started spreading from the regions bordering the Czech Republic farther inside Germany.

Bavaria introduced more intensive road checks near the Czech-German border due to the increased drug crime, which some Czechs disliked.

Herrmann noted in January that Bavaria was more and more "flooded" with Czech pervitin. He also pointed to a rising number of stolen cars that often wind up abroad and a steep rise in illegal Bavarian border crossing.

The Bavarian police seized 14.3 kilogrammes of pervitin in 2012, which was 22 percent more than in 2011, while in 2013 it was 36 kilos.

Chovanec said the Czech Republic needs to negotiate with Poland as medicines containing ephedrine, which is used to produce pervitin, are freely available in Poland.

He said the problem would remain even if the Polish laws changed, however, as ephedrine can be bought in Romania and Bulgaria, too.

Herrmann and Chovanec praised the cooperation between the Czech and Bavarian police.

In May, the Czech and Bavarian police chiefs will meet to discuss adopting new measures.

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