Czech police operate at CEB over nine business cases


23.01.2014 14:51

Prague - The Czech anti-corruption police searched the Czech Export Bank (CEB) one week ago over nine business cases, in which PSJ and Sklostroj Turnov firms figure, it ensues from the search order issued by a Prague district court that CTK has at its disposal.


Protikorupční policie 15. ledna od rána zasahuje ve státních České exportní bance (ČEB) a Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnosti (EGAP), které pomáhají českým firmám s exportem. Do sídla obou institucí v centru Prahy policie nepouští zaměstnance ani návštěvníky. V recepci jsou podle zjištění zpravodaje ČTK tři uniformovaní policisté a několik vyšetřovatelů v civilu. Podle zdroje ČTK policisté provádějí kompletní inventuru dokumentů. ČTK Sušanka Filip

The construction firm PSJ has said in a press release detectives are looking into whether CEB observed all legal steps and internal regulations in approving credits for foreign investors.

They also check the procedure of the former CEB board of directors and the supervisory board.

PSJ was one of the firms which the police also searched last week.

The operation at the PSJ seat concerned three business cases. They were the granting of CEB credits to the Tunisian firm M.F.M., Tourism, Hotels and Resorts and Developer, the Russian Ryazan Shopping Mall and another Russian company OOO DOK Kalevala.

According to the order issued on January 9, Sklostroj Turnov CZ figures in another five cases. One credit was provided for ECM China Investments.

"In the case of the three investigated projects PSJ was supplier of a foreign investor whose credit contract with CEB is being checked by the police for various reasons. Not PSJ´s, but CEB´s mistake is being examined," PSJ director general Frantisek Vaculik said.

The police investigate among others the provision of a CEB credit to the Russian firm OOO Orskiy Zavod Tarnago for the construction of a glassmaking factory in Orsk with a credit limit of 588 million crowns. The construction was done by Sklostroj Turnov CZ.

According to PSJ the police are also investigating the provision of a credit to the Tunisian company M.F.M., Tourism, Hotels and Resorts and Developer for the construction of some 600 apartments.

CEB is suspected of not having ensured liability for the credit with putting land in pledge, which inflicted a damage of 326 million crowns on the Czech state.

The police are also investigating additional changes to a credit CEB provided to Ryazan Shopping Mall, part of the Cyprus-seated ECM company, for the construction of a business and entertainment centre in Ryazan, Russia.

The police are checking the fact that CEB did not submit to its supervisory board additional changes to the credit contract conditions for approval and that it signed a supplement to the contract with a foreign investor without the board´s approval.

According to the search order, the state incurred a damage of three billion crowns.

The anti-corruption police are also looking into the additional changes to a credit provided for OOO DOK Kalevala for the financing of the construction of a factory making OSB boards in Russia.

PSJ says the police are investigating the fact that CEB did not submit to its supervisory board changes to the previously approved credit for a new approval.

The damage caused to the state amounts to 3.8 billion crowns.

The Supreme Audit Office (NKU) said in its last year´s report that CEB provided unrightfully credits for 8.2 billion crowns.

Besides, the bank violated law in some of the credits. If the debtors did not repay the money, the loss would be shouldered by the state.

($1=20.302 crowns)

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