Czech police head plans to initiate cyber crime unit


20.07.2014 15:45

Prague - Czech Police President Tomas Tuhy plans to propose the establishment of a special police unit to fight cyber crime, he said in a debate on Czech Television (CT) today, adding that the unit could start operation in two years.


Policejní prezident Tomáš Tuhý. ČTK Krumphanzl Michal

Tuhy said the police have their experts in cyber crime now, who, however, may soon start lagging behind hackers.

The new unit, whose establishment he wants to propose by the end of the year, should be more effective, he said.

Debate on the team´s size and status is still being conducted, which is why Tuhy would not say how many members it will have.

"It will definitely be a sizeable unit. A debate in the police has shown that such a unit is needed," he told CT.

A wave of cyber attacks has tormented the Czech Republic recently. Earlier this week, for example, hackers sent false appeals to tens of thousands of people whom they urged to pay distraint-related fees.

Banks, too, have warned of similar cyber attacks frequently.

Other cases concern the spread of child pornography.

Cyber attacks will also be soon discussed by the Senate, the upper house of Czech parliament, which is to deal with a bill that sets the rules of the private sector and public administration´s cooperation in cyber attacks prevention.

The bill makes faster and more effective the reaction to cyber danger that could pose a threat to the Czech Republic´s interests.

Tuhy today repeated thst he wants the government to increase the police´s budget by three billion crowns to 31 billion next year. A part of the money would be used to buy new police cars, he said.

In the first phase, about one-third of the police´s 8000 cars would be replaced with new ones worth one billion crowns, he said.

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