Czech police find 284 drunk Danes, 3.15 per mille highest level


20.02.2014 17:35

Prague - Police uncovered 284 drunk students from Denmark and Sweden, aged less than 18, in the Czech capital in the past two weeks, Prague police chief Martin Vondrasek said today, adding that the highest measured level of alcohol was 3.17 per mille.


Pražští policisté spolu s několika kolegy z Dánska kontrolovali v noci z 9. na 10. února některé z podniků v centru města, které si rezervovali dánští studenti přijíždějící do metropole na zimní prázdniny. ČTK Doležal Michal

Some 10,000 young Danes and Swedes spent their holiday in Prague, most of them via a travel agency. A majority of them have already left the city.

Last year, Danes were involved in a number of cases of breach of the peace. That is why the national and city police braced themselves for their arrival this year and they also cooperated with colleagues abroad.

Vondrasek said police tried to avert conflicts. They organised 12 security actions, focusing on some 20 restaurants and bars in Prague´s centre.

Vondrasek said some of the tourists themselves fell victim to a crime. A total of 12 cases of pickpocketing and theft of unattended items were registered.

Vondrasek said based on their experience from last year when young Danes were destroying hotels´ interior, the Czech police invited four Danish colleagues to negotiate with their compatriots.

Police had to solve several conflicts. In one of them a 19-year-old Dane with some 2.5 per mille of alcohol in his breath had to be taken to hospital, which he refused and attacked police. The police eventually had to use coercive measures.

This week a fire broke out in a Prague hotel in which Swedish students rented a room. Investigators said the fire was caused by a cigarette butt. The damage inflicted has been put at one million crowns.

Vondrasek said police detained two drunk Danes suspected of having stolen their compatriots´ mobile phones.

Two undressed Danes jumped into the Vltava River from a bridge, but they themselves swam to an isle in the river, he added

($1=19.943 crowns)

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