Czech police chief was appointed without authorisation - board


06.01.2014 16:34

Prague - Czech Police President Martin Cervicek was appointed to his post in 2012 without authorisation, outgoing Interior Minister Martin Pecina´s consulting commission concluded today and recommended that Pecina abolish Cervicek´s appointment, police union leader Daniel Blaha said.


Policejní prezident Martin Červíček na snímku z 3. prosince 2013. ČTK Šulová Kateřina

In mid-2012, Lessy had to leave the post over his criminal prosecution, but courts halted his case. Pecina reinstalled Lessy as police president a month ago. Cervicek said he would not resign on his own. As a result, the Czech police have two heads now.

Pecina need not comply with the recommendation.

The commission recommended that Cervicek return to the post of deputy president.

Blaha said former interior minister Jan Kubice was not authorised to dismiss Cervicek as deputy police president before appointing him president.

Unlike the three other members of the commission, Blaha is against Cervicek´s removal from the post of police president.

In August 2012, Lessy was removed from the post of police president by then minister Kubice over his criminal prosecution. Lessy was accused of slander over a suspected leak of negative information about a regional police chief.

Some media challenged the prosecution then, noting that a criminal prosecution was the only way Kubice could get rid of Lessy, with whom he did not cooperate well and whose sacking he demanded but had no right to order it.

Courts acquitted Lessy and halted the criminal proceedings as inappropriate.

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