Czech police accuse lobbyist Rittig


13.02.2014 13:33

Prague - The Czech police this morning arrested and accused influential lobbyist Ivo Rittig, iDnes server writes, adding that his arrest seems to be related to the suspicious print and supply of the production of Prague public transport tickets.


Lobbista Ivo Rittig (na archivním snímku). ČTK Doležal Michal

Prague High State Attorney Lenka Bradacova did not refute the information.

She told CTK that four people were arrested and accused of money laundering. Their prosecution was launched by the anti-corruption police and the police fighting organised crime, she added.

Bradacova told public Czech Television (CT) that the police have been dealing with the case for some time and that it concerns the Prague Transport Company (DPP), operated by the city.

One of the suspects is allegedly Rittig´s lawyer David Michal, CT reported.

Last November, five persons were accused over the controversial contract for DPP tickets.

The Neograph printing company supplied the tickets to the DPP.

The Anti-Corruption Endowment previously said that to gain the order in 2007, Neograph had to accept that the relation between it and the DPP would be mediated by a firm based in the British Virgin Islands.

The endowment claimed that Rittig received 0.17 crowns per ticket, or roughly seven million crowns a year, in a fradulent way.

Rittig sued the endowment but a court rejected his complaint and concluded that the endowment proved its claims.

As from 2012, the DPP tickets have been produced and supplied by Statni tiskarna cenin.

According to a legal analysis by lawyer Vaclav Laska, an organised crime group operated in the DPP from 2007 and prepared contracts disadvantageous for it.

($1=20.282 crowns)

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