Czech police accuse 15 people of 2.3-billion-crown tax evasion


21.03.2014 14:14

Prague - The Czech anti-corruption police have accused 15 people of 2.3-billion-crown tax evasion in fuel trading and of participation in an organised criminal group, police squad spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej told CTK in a press release today.


Česká policie - ilustrační foto. ČN Kamil Vecheta

The High State Attorney's Office in Olomouc, north Moravia, has proposed that all the accused be remanded in custody.

"The anti-corruption police detectives have carried out 16 house searches and nine searches in other facilities within the criminal proceedings," Ibehej said.

The anti-corruption squad will release more detailed information at a press conference on Tuesday.

The server reported that one of the detainees was an influential Iranian oil trader with a Czech passport, Shahram Abdullah Zadeh, who had studied in the Czech Republic and can speak Czech. He was arrested, in a presidential suite at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, which he has leased for a long time, on Thursday, the server added.

During a search, policemen allegedly seized documents, a quite big amount of money and his luxurious car.

The Iranian man was nearly arrested in Dubai in 2010 but he succeeded in obtaining a Czech passport hastily thanks to the marriage with a Czech woman at the embassy in Abu Dhabi and he flew to Prague immediately, the server added.

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