Czech Oscar winning film architect Karel Cerny dies aged 92


05.09.2014 10:56

Prague/Tabor - Czech film architect Karel Cerny, Oscar winner for Milos Forman´s Amadeus, died in Tabor aged 92 today, his son-in-law Lubomir Nezbeda has told CTK.


Filmový architekt Karel Černý ČTK Stanislav Peška

Cerny worked among others on A Journey into the Primeval Times of 1955, in which special film tricks were used and which won prizes at international events.

In 2013, Cerny won the Czech Lion film prize for his life achievement.

Cerny is signed under almost 100 films, 100 television productions, 15 TV series and 60 short films and advertisings spots.

In 1963 he met Forman and cooperated with him on all films Forman made in Czechoslovakia before he decided to stay in the United States in 1975, including The Firemen's Ball of 1967.

When Forman wanted to make Amadeus (completed in 1984), he again turned to Cerny. In 1985 Cerny was invited to the Oscar giving ceremony in the United States and he was presented with one of the eight awards given to the film.

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