Czech ODS to base EP election campaign on euro rejection


25.02.2014 12:35

Prague - The Czech opposition Civic Democrats (ODS) will base their campaign ahead of the May European Parliament (EP) elections on the euro rejection and demand for the abolition of the EP seat in Strasbourg, ODS election leader Jan Zahradil told reporters today.


Předseda strany Petr Fiala a europoslanec Jan Zahradil (vpravo) vystoupili na tiskové konferenci po jednání výkonné rady ODS 24. února v Praze. ČTK Doležal Michal

The ODS would like to prevent the rise in energy prices for households and firms, MEP and ODS deputy chairman Zahradil said, presenting the party´s list of candidates.

MEP and former regional governor Evzen Tosenovsky will be placed second on the list of candidates, followed by unaffiliated economist Eva Zamrazilova.

"We say clear no to the euro. On the contrary, we support the strong Czech crown," Zahradil said.

He said the ODS would not support the euro adoption and it would demand that the Czech Republic negotiate an exception in the EU not to be obliged to adopt the single European currency.

Zahradil reiterated the ODS´s previous demand for a referendum on the euro adoption to be held since the conditions of the euro zone entry had changed since the Czech Republic´s accession in May 2004.

The ODS would also like to abolish the EP seat in Strasbourg. Up to 200 million euros would be saved a year if MEPs did not have to move from Brussels to Strasbourg to attend sessions, the party points out.

One of the ODS campaign´s main points is also the effort to avert rising energy prices.

According to Zahradil, the EU is pushing for unreasonable energy policy that would considerably harm industry.

The former senior government ODS has nine MEPs. However, it is not probable that it will defend all the seats in view of its poor results in he last autumn general election (7.72 percent), which have been the worst since its establishment in 1991, and its current preferences.

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