Czech nuke plant Temelin has no major safety shortcomings - IAEA


15.05.2014 16:28

Temelin - Czech nuclear power plant Temelin´s operations are in accordance with criteria of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the plant has no fundamental safety problems, Temelin spokesman Marek Svitak told CTK.


Jaderná elektrárna Temelín na snímku z 11. října 2012. ČTK Veis David

This is the outcome of a four-day mission by the IAEA experts from France, Norway and Ukraine who focused on the fulfilment of their recommendations of November 2012 during the 29th international inspection of Temelin, Svitak said.

Compared with other plants, results of Temelin are very good and above the average, said Pierre Gest of France, the head of the mission.

Progress has been achieved in recommendations by the agency. Seven out of 11 recommendations of 2012 have been resolved completely. In some cases the plant even went beyond the proposals, Gest said.

As an example, he mentioned handling of chemical substances and programmes aimed to minimise human errors.

In four cases, Temelin is finalising remedial measures that will certainly improve its operations, Gest said.

The final report will be submitted to the Czech government within three months.

"It is good to hear from experts with many years of experience in the area of nuclear energy that things work like they are supposed to," said Temelin director Milos Stepanovsky.

"Nuclear power plants can be in operation for dozens of years during which knowledge and technology are developing. Now we see that we follow the right path," he said.

"It is our goal to safely run the plant for decades but this is impossible without new measures and upgrade of the plant," Stepanovsky emphasised.

The last international mission of seven experts visited Temelin in 2013 focusing on the area of insurance.

The IAEA, based in Vienna, was established in 1957, and now has 159 member states.

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