Czech minister wants to propose new ambassadors soon

Ministr zahraničí Lubomír Zaorálek.

published: 09.02.2014, 14:49 | updated: 09.02.2014 15:00:50

Prague - Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek (Social Democrats, CSSD) would like to propose ambassadors for the vacant posts at Czech foreign diplomatic missions soon, he told public Czech Television today.

"I will try to do it as a soon as possible, naturally," Zaoralek said.

The post of 11 ambassadors at Czech missions abroad remain unoccupied. The standard term of further 32 ambassadors will expire this year.

Zaoralek mentioned the embassies in Algeria, Canada and Mexico, among others.

He also said Jan Fischer, former finance minister and caretaker cabinet head, might head the embassy in Luxembourg.

"Mr Fischer will be considered (for the post)," Zaoralek said.

He recalled that Fischer was vice president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in 2010-2012, adding that there are a lot of banks in Luxembourg.

Zaoralek said President Milos Zeman did not give him any names of persons he would like to become ambassadors. Only general criteria that the candidates should meet were discussed, he added.

Zeman got locked in a dispute with former foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09) over the naming of new ambassadors last year and the process was blocked for several months.

Schwarzenberg opposed the plan to make Communist (KSCM) MEP Vladimir Remek ambassador to Moscow and former first lady Livia Klausova ambassador to Bratislava. After the government fell in mid-2013, Zeman appointed an interim government and pushed his favourites through.

Schwarzenberg said today Fischer is an experienced statistician and should stay in this area. A good diplomat needs to have courage, he added.


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