Czech literary experts complete reader of texts related to Havel


28.01.2014 13:03

Prague - An anthology of texts related to Vaclav Havel, the late Czech playwright-turned-president, has been completed by literary scientists and issued by the newly-founded Center for Literary Research in Prague.


Dramatik a bývalý prezident Václav Havel představil 7. listopadu v Divadle Bez zábradlí v Praze knižní vydání své poslední a dosud neinscenované hry Odcházení. Uprostřed vzadu je ředitel vydavatelství Respekt Publishing Tomáš Šídlo, vpravo předseda dozorčí rady vydavatelství Jan Ruml. ČTK ČTK

The reader offers the most interesting immediate reactions to Havel´s work from the 1960s until now.

This is the first book in a series of similar anthologies related to other Czech authors, including Nobel Literature Prize winner Jaroslav Seifert, that the Institute plans to issue this year.

"We wanted to change the lenses through which the public debate has viewed Vaclav Havel since his presidency (1989-2003), and turn people´s attention back to Havel as a significant author of theatre plays and essays," says Michael Spirit, who prepared the book for the Institute.

The book offers possible keys to Havel´s work to everyone who want to compare their own experience as readers and theatre visitors with the period opinions that established or changed Havel´s image as a personality.

The book should not substitute the missing but needed monograph on Havel´s literary work. It is aimed to revive the debate on his work as an artist and critic, and on possible ways of approaching it, the authors say.

Havel, a leading anti-communist dissident and the first Czechoslovak and later Czech post-1989 president, died in December 2011 aged 75.

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