Czech judges´ pay to go up based on Constitutional Court verdict


30.07.2014 11:54

Brno - Czech judges´ wages will increase based on the Constitutional Court (US) verdict today that they must be derived from three-times the average wage in the non-business sector, not from the current 2.75-times.


Veřejné jednání pléna Ústavního soudu o církevních restitucích začalo ve středu 29. května v Brně. Zleva místopředsedkyně soudu Milada Tomková, předseda soudu Pavel Rychetský a soudce zpravodaj Stanislav Balík. ČTK Šálek Václav

The US cancelled the current calculation method as from January 1, 2015.

A new bill defining a new method has to be passed by then.

The US, nevertheless, said that judges would not get any financial compensation retroactively.

Judicial representatives have long promoted a return to the previously valid three-times the average wage as a sum to derive judges´ pay from.

A proposal for scrapping the current pay calculation method was lodged by the Brno City Court last year based on dozens of lawsuits in which individual judges demanded that the state top-up their wage retroactively.

Their demand will not be met, it ensues from the US verdict today.

"Although the US insists that the lawmakers have knowingly taken an anti-constitutional, inexcusable approach in this respect, it is also necessary to see that a retroactive topping up of the wages would have a significant and unpredictable impact on the state budget, which could not but further escalate tension between the society and judges," the US said.

It called on judges to show a more generous and accommodating approach.

The sum from which judges´ monthly gross wages are derived depending on the posts they hold and the length of their practice is 64,496 crowns now.

If it returns to three-times the average way in non-business sector (in the year before last), it will exceed 70,000 crowns, CTK has found out.

In the past, the US repeatedly emphasised that judges´ wages are one of the guarantees of judicial power´s independence. They should be stable, unchallengeable and independent from political calculations, the US said.

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