Czech journalist, poet Karel Trinkewitz dies in Germany


16.03.2014 16:05

Prague - Czech journalist, artist and poet Karel Trinkewitz has died at the age of 82 in Germany, where he was living since the late 1980s when he had been forced by the Czechoslovak communist authorities to leave his homeland after his signing of the Charter 77 manifesto.


Karel Trinkewitz výtvraník a spisovatel. CTK Gust Martin, CTK

He died after a long illness during the night from Friday to Saturday, Czech writer Pavel Kohout told CTK today.

Trinkewitz was a political journalist and caricaturist cooperating with a number of Czech magazines in the 1960s. After the occupation of the country by Soviet troops and the suppression of the Prague Spring reform movement, he was persecuted. In 1977, he signed the Charter 77 opposition manifesto calling on the regime to observe human rights.

After the Czechoslovak communist regime fell in 1989, Trinkewitz lived both in Hamburg and Prague.

He wrote poems in the haiku style and his work was close to surrealism and pop art.

After moving to Germany, Trinkewitz cooperated with the German press and the Czech emigrant press. He became a member of the exiled Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party.

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