Czech jobless rate in Feb stays at Jan´s 8.6 pct


10.03.2014 11:15

Prague - Czech unemployment in February stayed at January´s 8.6 percent and the number of job seekers dropped 0.6 percent to 625,390 while the amount of vacancies grew, the Czech Employment Office said today.


Nezaměstnanost v Česku - podíl nezaměstnaných osob ve věku 15 - 64 let. ČTK rvj

There were 629,274 unemployed people in January, the highest amount in the Czech Republic´s history.

February is one of the months of the year when unemployment is at its highest, but a mild winter had a positive effect on its development in February this year, the Office said.

Unemployment will be falling in the months to come over seasonal work.

"February confirmed its position of a month in which trends on the labour market usually do not change," said UniCredit Bank analyst Pavel Sobisek.

The amount of job seekers decreased by around 4,000 during the month, however, which is the second best result for February since the financial crisis, he added.

The number of vacancies rose by 2,000, which is quite a lot for February, according to Sobisek.

"The labour market seems to be responding to recovering economy. We expect a drop in unemployment in the coming months," he said.

A total of 610,729 unemployed people aged between 15 and 64 were immediately available for work.

The amount of vacancies grew by 1,907 from January to 38,301, with 16.3 job seekers per vacancy, the Office said.

The highest number of 65.7 and 63 unemployed persons per vacancy was recorded in the Bruntal and Karvina districts.

There were 47,870 newcomers at the Office in February, a decrease of 33,576 on the month, and 32,718 job seekers found a job, 1,802 of them with the help of local employment offices.

The Ustecky region registered the highest rate of unemployment in February, at 11.9 percent, while the capital city of Prague had the lowest rate of 5.4 percent.

In terms of districts, the lowest rates were seen for Prague-East (3.7 percent), Prague-West (4.6 percent) and Mlada Boleslav (4.9 percent). The highest rates were registered in Bruntal (15 percent), Jesenik (14.5 percent), Most (13.9 percent) and Usti nad Labem (13.2 percent).

A total of 41 districts had unemployment equal to or higher than the Czech average.

Employment offices registered 294,924 unemployed women, that is 47.2 percent of all the job seekers.

Unemployment benefits were granted to 152,507 job seekers, that is 24.4 percent of the unemployed.

Unemployment measured by the European statistical office Eurostat, which is a figure used for international comparison, ranks the Czech Republic below Europe´s average. Its rate of 6.7 percent is 4.6 percentage points below the EU average.

Czech unemployment:

  February 2014 January 2014  
share of unemployed people in population (in pct) 8.6 8.6  
number of job seekers 625,390 629,274  
number of job seekers aged 15-64 available for work 610,729


number of vacancies 38,301 36,394  

Source: Czech Employment Office

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