Czech household debt at banks grows to Kc1,206bn in Feb --CNB


31.03.2014 10:20

Prague - Czech household debt to banks and financial institutions grew by Kc773m to Kc1,206bn in February against January and was Kc45.6bn higher year on year, according to data published by the Czech National Bank (CNB) today.


Peníze, bankovky, česká měna, koruna, úspory - ilustrační foto. ČTK Zavoral Libor

Debts of businesses dropped by Kc6.1bn against January to Kc989.4bn but were nearly Kc11bn higher yr/yr.

One-day deposits of households stood at Kc1,254bn in February, an annual rise of Kc80bn. February saw a rise of Kc14bn.

Deposits of households redeemable at notice amounted to Kc335.1bn, down Kc7.1bn on the year and down Kc2.5bn on the month.

The central bank makes public the statistics as part of its monthly monetary survey, based on balances from monetary financial institutions which include the central bank, commercial banks and branches of foreign banks in the Czech Republic, money-market funds and credit unions.

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