Czech govt approves ammunition supply for Kurds in Iraq


27.08.2014 19:13

Prague - The Czech government today approved the supply of ammunition for Kalashnikov rifles and machine guns as well as grenades and bazooka ammunition for the Kurdish militias fighting Islamists in Iraq, according to CTK information.


Kurdské ozbrojené síly za letecké podpory USA dobyly zpět největší iráckou přehradu u Mosulu. ČTK/AP Khalid Mohammed

The U.S. army is to transport the ammunition worth 41 million crowns to Iraq.

Prague wants to supply the Iraqi Kurds with armament from old reserves that the Czech military does not need any longer.

They are to receive ten million rounds of ammunition for Kalashnikov assault rifles, eight million rounds for machine guns, 5000 for bazookas and 5000 hand grenades.

The U.S. army need to load eight high-capacity planes to transport over 500 tonnes of the Czech military materiel.

The Kurds will get the ammunition for machine guns first since they need it the most urgently. It is to be exported by the end of 2014.

Masoud Barzani, president of Iraqi Kurdistan, has asked the international community for armament aid.

The United States and France have announced they have already sent arms to Kurds and the Italian parliament has also approved arms supplies. Britain and Germany are considering the step.

Czech President Milos Zeman has supported the Czech armament aid to Iraqi Kurds.

($1=21.097 crowns)

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