Czech government sends two planes for injured Ukrainians


26.02.2014 20:59

Prague - The Czech government will send two planes to Kiev on Thursday to transport 23 Ukrainians injured in the fighting between the government forces and pro-European demonstrators to Prague for treatment, the cabinet decided today, Interior Ministry spokesman Pavel Novak has told CTK.


Vládní letecký speciál. ČTK

The Ukrainians who have suffered mainly shot wounds will be treated in two teaching hospitals in Prague, Novak said.

Workers of the People in Need Czech humanitarian NGO selected the injured Ukrainians in Kiev.

The Casa and Airbus special planes adjusted for the transport of bed-confined patients will return to Prague on Thursday evening.

The government earmarked ten million crowns for the transport and treatment of the Ukrainians in Prague.

The Ukrainians will be sent to the Czech Republic within the MEDEVAC humanitarian programme of evacuations for health care reason. It is used mainly in the areas of humanitarian disasters.

Syrian refugees have been repeatedly treated in Prague within this programme.

The unrest in Ukraine erupted after the country refused to sign the association agreements with the EU in October. The anti-government protests escalated last week when dozens of people were killed and hundreds of others injured in the streets of Kiev.

The Ukrainian parliament toppled Yanukovych at the weekend. Deputies want to bring him to the International Criminal Court in The Hague and a warrant for his arrest has been issued.

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