Czech FinMin is registered as StB agent unrightfully-Slovak court


26.06.2014 14:12

Bratislava - Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) is registered as collaborator of the Czechoslovak communist secret police (StB) in their files unrightfully, a court in Bratislava decided today, complying with his complaint.


Andrej Babiš hovoří s novináři při příchodu ke Krajskému soudu Bratislava I, kde 30. ledna pokračovalo soudní líčení ve věci jeho žaloby proti slovenskému Ústavu paměti národa v souvislosti s archivními svazky, ve kterých je Babiš veden jako agent komunistické Státní bezpečností (StB). ČTK Koller Jan

The verdict has not taken effect yet.

Babis, a Slovak-born billionaire, sought to clean his name through the lawsuit he filed against the Slovak National Memory Institute (UPN), which is in charge of the archives of the now defunct StB.

Babis, who heads the Czech governing movement ANO and is Czech deputy prime minister, has dismissed having knowingly cooperated with the StB.

He says as an employee of the Petrimex foreign trade company before 1989, he came in contact with StB officers, who, however, only showed interest in Petrimex´s business activities.

It ensues from the archive documents that Babis became the StB´s confident in 1980 and two years later, StB officer Julius Suman won him over for cooperation with the StB as its agent codenamed Bures.

However, Suman told the court this April that this information is untrue and that Babis was never recruited by the StB.

The media described Suman´s testimony as crucial in the court dispute that started in June 2013.

Another StB officer, Andrej Kulha, too, told the court that Babis´s name in the archive file only indicates his unaware cooperation with the secret police.

Like Suman, Kulha was in charge of Babis´s StB file in the 1980s.

The UPN, for its part, submitted to the court several documents from the StB archive that mention the agent codenamed Bures.

The probability of the StB´s registration being fabricated is very low in a situation where one and the same person is mentioned in more files, the UPN argued.

The UPN previously faced several lawsuits in connection with people´s evidence in StB files. It lost most of the court disputes.

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