Czech FinMin holds stake of over 40 pct in 26 companies in 2013


19.01.2014 16:07

Prague - The Czech Finance Ministry held a stake of more than 40 percent in 26 companies last year, two fewer than in the previous year, according to data the ministry has published on its website.


Budova Ministerstva financí České republiky v Letenské ulici v Praze. ČTK Černý Jan, ČTK

The companies included energy producer CEZ, aviation holding Cesky Aeroholding and fuel distributor CEPRO, for example.

Newly the Prague Congress Centre was added to the list of the companies last year as the Finance Ministry raised its share capital in the company by Kc2bn as part of a debt-for-equity swap.

The centre had been owned by the Prague municipality before the Finance Ministry acquired a majority stake in the company.

On the other hand, the Finance Ministry's stakes in Prague airport operator Letiste Praha and airline CSA were transferred into Cesky Aeroholding during 2012.

Besides, company CMFL was deleted from the Register of Companies in 2012.

The Finance Ministry's data show that the ministry had almost Kc100bn in companies' share capital in the Czech Republic last year.

Besides, it still owns a stake of over 96 percent in Slovenian paper producer Vipap videm Krsko, which amounts to a share capital value of about EUR75.6m (over Kc2bn).

The Finance Ministry owns 69.37 percent of shares in electricity company CEZ whose shares are traded on the Prague Stock Exchange.

The ministry also holds a 40 percent stake in Export Guarantee and Insurance Company (EGAP) and a 41.6 percent stake in the Czech Export Bank (CEB).

It owns 100 percent of shares in companies CEPRO, Cesky Aeroholding, MERO and Explosia, for example.

CompanyShare capital in Kc thousandsFinMin's share in Kc thousandsFinMin's share in percent
Export Guarantee and Insurance Company, a. s.1,300,000520,00040.00
Severoceske mlekarny a.s. Teplice bankrupt proceedings30,22812,32640.78
Czech Export Bank, a. s.4,000,0001,664,00041.60
Ormilk liquidation183,07086,02846.99
Municipalni financni spolecnost, a. s. (MUFIS, a. s.)1,00049049.00
PORCELAN HOLDING a.s. in liquidation344,068172,03450.00
CEZ, a.s.53,798,975.90037,319,767.10069.37
Prague Congress Centre, a.s.2,880,0002,000,00069.44hike in share capital by Kc2bn, entered in Register of Companies on Dec 12, 2013
BH CAPITAL, a. s. in liquidation408,099293,36371.89
Aerospace Research and Test Establishment (VZLU), a. s.750,968750,968100.00acquisition of 7.84 pct of shares from CSOB as of Dec 16, 2013
VIPAP VIDEM KRSKO d.d.EUR 78,387,660EUR 75,644,09296.50seat in Slovenia
HOLDING KLADNO, a.s. in liquidation7,500,0007,263,53396.85
Bohemia Crystalex Trading, a.s.2,243,0002,180,00097.19bankrupt
CEPRO, a. s.5,660,0005,660,000100.00
Cesky Aeroholding, a. s.27,044,19827,044,198100.00
Explosia a. s.1,415,0001,415,000100.00hike in share capital by Kc250m, entered in Register of Companies on Oct 8, 2013
Galileo Real, k.s.2,466,0002,466,000100.00general partner is IMOB a.s.
Hotelinvest, a. s.230,000230,000100.00
IMOB a. s.2,2002,200100.00
JUNIOR centrum, a. s. in liquidation224,950.964224,950.964100.00
MERO CR, a.s.8,430,9218,430,921100.00
Centrum - F a.s.37,46937,469100.00change of company as of Aug 21, 2013 (formerly PPP Centrum a.s.)
PRISKO a. s.794,760794,760100.00
STAVOCENTRAL, a. s. in liquidation85,73085,730100.00
STROJIRNY TATRA PRAHA, a. liquidation62,77862,778100.00
THERMAL - F, a. s.499,550499,550100.00

Source: Finance Ministry

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