Czech environment, education, culture ministers inaugurated


31.01.2014 13:11

Prague - The last three ministers of the new Czech centre-left government, Richard Brabec (environment), Marcel Chladek (education) and Daniel Herman (culture) were ceremonially installed in office today, each presenting the goals he plans to pursue in the post.


Premiér Bohuslav Sobotka (vpravo) uvedl 30. ledna v Praze do úřadu ministra životního prostředí Richarda Brabce (vlevo). ČTK Šulová Kateřina

Brabec (ANO) said he would focus on a quick drawing of EU subsidies so that the Czech Republic does not lose the money.

"Of course, I will try hard...for us to gain a bigger allocation, or more money within the operational programme Environment in the new period," Brabec said.

He said he would try to attract "many interesting people" who left in the past years back to the Environment Ministry.

"They were genuine experts and I really need an emergency team to start tackling problems immediately," Brabec added.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) said the programme of state-subsidised environment-friendly heating, fight against air pollution in Moravia-Silesia and the completion of a bill on the assessment of projects´ environmental impact are the new environment minister´s priorities.

Brabec said he may accompany Sobotka on his forthcoming visit to Poland where he would discuss environment protection in Moravia-Silesia, a Czech region bordering on Poland.

Chladek (CSSD) said at the inauguration ceremony that his priorities include the completion of a bill on universities which he wants to submit to parliament this year.

He said the cabinet will not make any cuts in the education sector´s budget.

Chladek wants to change the Czech school system "from below" to make it competitive with other countries. This, however, is unfeasible without enhancing the sector´s budget, he stressed.

Chladek previously said he would ask extra three to five billion crowns that would go to raising the capacity of kindergartens.

Money could also be saved through a more effective drawing of EU subsidies and through internal austerity measures such as restructuring the system of vocational schools or the uniform school leaving exams, he said.

Chladek said he wants to more focus on the area of sports for which his Ministry of Education, Physical Training and Youth is responsible.

The new culture minister, Herman (Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL), should complete the ongoing reconstruction of the historical building of the Prague-seated National Museum, Sobotka said while installing him in the post.

The remaining 13 ministers were inaugurated on Thursday and on Wednesday shortly after Sobotka´s centre-left cabinet of the CSSD, ANO and the KDU-CSL was appointed by President Milos Zeman.

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