Czech car output drops by 3.9 pct to 1.13 million units in 2013


15.01.2014 17:19

Prague - Passenger car output in the Czech Republic dropped by 3.9 percent year-on-year to 1.128 million vehicles last year, but was still the third highest in history, the Automotive Industry Association has said.


Automobily Škoda Fabia Fabia druhé generace, výroba - ilustrační foto. ČTK Škoda Auto a.s.

Production of buses grew by 14 percent on the year to record 3,691 vehicles last year.

"The Czech automotive industry showed it had a competitive edge even in the difficult conditions of the year 2013, so that the overall fall of vehicle production was lower in the end than would have corresponded to the development on European markets," AutoSAP president Martin Jahn said.

The biggest Czech car maker Skoda Auto produced 639,889 cars in the Czech Republic last year, a drop of 2.5 percent compared with 2012.

TPCA turned out 185,124 cars in its plant in Kolin, central Bohemia, recording a 14 percent fall in car output. In contrast, Hyundai raised output in its northern Moravian facility in Nosovice by 425 cars year-on-year to 303,460 vehicles.

Czech lorry output was driven only by production at lorry maker Tatra after company Avia wound up lorry production in July 2013. Production of lorries fell by 49 percent on the year owing to the closure of the Avia plant.

Tatra raised production by 54 percent to 763 vehicles last year, while Avia produced only four vehicles.

Shares of the two major Czech bus producers almost did not change last year. Iveco accounted for 86 percent and SOR for 13 percent of production of buses in 2013.

Motorcycle output, represented by company Jawa Moto, dropped by 42 percent on the year to 1,354 vehicles last year.

Production of trailers and semi-trailers decreased by 17 percent last year after growing in the two previous years.

The two major producers Panav and Schwarzmueller turned out 1,251 trailers and semi-trailers in total last year.

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