Czech ANO approves Telicka as its EP election leader


22.02.2014 16:03

Prague - The Czech government ANO movement has approved former EU commissioner Pavel Telicka as its leader for the May elections to the European Parliament (EP), Telicka told CTK today.


Podnikatel Andrej Babiš zahájil 6. září v Praze předvolební kampaň svého politického hnutí ANO a zároveň zveřejnil volební program. Vlevo je jeden z podporovatelů hnutí Pavel Telička. ČTK Doležal Michal

Other ANO candidates for the EP are diplomat Petr Jezek, manager Dita Charanzova, businesswoman Martina Dlabajova and diplomat Ivan Jancarek.

ANO, headed by billionaire businessman Andrej Babis, current deputy PM and finance minister, wants to officially present its complete list of candidates on Monday.

"In order to change the situation in the Czech Republic, its position in Europe must also be changed and its potential must start being fulfilled," Telicka said.

He added that the Czech Republic should increase its position in the EU standings.

Telicka, 48, has worked in diplomacy for long, focusing on European agenda.

He was the main negotiator of the Czech Republic´s EU membership, state secretary for EU affairs and the first Czech EU commissioner after the country joined the Union in May 2004.

Jezek has also worked in diplomacy. In the past ten years, he occupied high posts dealing mainly with EU relations. Later he left for the private sector and co-founded a consultancy firm.

Charanzova, who graduated from the Diplomatic Academy in Madrid and achieved a doctor´s degree at Prague´s University of Economics (VSE), has worked in diplomacy for eight years.

She managed the team responsible for trade and development policy at the Czech Republic´s Permanent Representation in Brussels in the past. At present she works as a TV studio manager during EP sessions in Strasbourg.

International consultant Dlabajova was a coordinator of the Zlin (south Moravia) Regional office in Brussels for several years. Now she heads the Zlin Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Jancarek is a former ambassador to Brazil and Denmark. He also worked as a director of the Foreign Ministry´s EU section.

President Milos Zeman has called the EP elections for May 23-24.

Ludek Niedermayer, former vice-governor of the Czech CNB central bank, will lead the conservative opposition TOP 09's list of candidates for the EP elections.

The senior ruling CSSD's number of one candidate is leftist sociologist Jan Keller.

The junior governing Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) will be led in the elections by former minister Pavel Svoboda.

Tomio Okamura's Dawn of Direct Democracy relies on lawyer Klara Samkova and the Civic Democrats (ODS), another opposition party, are expected to field their deputy head and current MEP Jan Zahradil.

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