Crime rate rises by 7 percent in Czech Republic


20.01.2014 17:41

Prague - The crime rate in the Czech Republic has increased by 7 percent year-on-year, among others due to the amnesty, which previous president Vaclav Klaus declared at the beginning of 2013, deputy police president Vaclav Kucera told reporters today.


Šéf Úřadu služby kriminální policie a vyšetřování Milan Pospíšek (vlevo) a náměstek policejního prezidenta Václav Kučera (vpravo) vystoupili 20. ledna v Praze na tiskové konferenci policejního prezidia k vyhodnocení kriminality za rok 2013 v porovnání s předešlými roky. ČTK Šimánek Vít

Last year, the police registered over 325,000 crimes, some 43 percent of which were cleared up. This has been the fourth lowest number of criminal offences in the past 20 years, Kucera added.

Vývoj počtu spáchaných trestných činů v ČR a jejich objasněnost od roku 2002

In 2013, detectives managed to seize the perpetrators´ money and other property worth 8.5 billion crowns, which is 40 percent more than a year before, he said.

"The amnesty is the main factor raising the crime rate but not the only one," Kucera said.

The amnesty applied to convicts with low suspended or prison sentences and elderly convicts. Besides, it halted criminal prosecution if it had lasted for more than eight years, and if the maximum prison sentence that could be imposed in such cases did not exceed ten years, which applied to some high-profile corruption and financial fraud cases.

Since the beginning of last year, when the amnesty was declared, the police have prosecuted 40 percent of the total of 6300 released prisoners.

The police monitored the highest rise in property crimes, which made up over 60 percent of all crimes, mainly burglaries into houses (20-percent year-on-year rise), Kucera said.

"This is partially caused by the recent boom of houses. It is also connected with their insufficient protection," he added.

However, the police also registered a higher number of robberies as well as financial and drug-related crimes last year.

The number of uncovered drug delicts increased by over 25 percent compared to 2012 also because the police more focused on these crimes lately, Kucera noted.

A total of 117,000 people were prosecuted last year, over a half of whom were repeat criminals.

Kucera today also said the number of murders had decreased from 188 in 2012 to 182 last year.

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