CR to lose Kc10bn it could take from EU funds in 2013


20.01.2014 18:13

Prague - The Czech Republic will lose about Kc10bn which it failed to draw from the limit that had been set for last year, Deputy Local Development Minister Daniel Braun told CTK today.


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Originally, the ministry estimated the loss for last year at as much as Kc30bn.

"Out of last year's annual limit, 97 percent (of subsidies) were drawn. At this moment it seems that the amount of subsidies that failed to be drawn is Kc12bn at the most. We are nevertheless still negotiating with the European Commission (EC) about further exceptions regarding projects that were delayed due to last year's floods and delays at the Economic Competition Protection Office, so it is very likely that the final amount will be lower," Braun said.

Projects worth Kc2bn in total are still staying in the game, he added.

The minimum limit the Czech Republic had to spend last year was EUR16.96bn (about Kc467bn).

"In the course of the year, 11 programmes were classified as risky but finally, only two of them showed a notable failure to draw funds, namely the Operational Programme Environment and the Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme," Braun said.

Other programmes that also failed to meet the limit were the Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme, the Technical Assistance Operational Programme and the Integrated Operational Programme.

As of January 1, 2014, Czech recipients of subsidies from EU funds received Kc514.9bn for the current programme period 2007-2013, which is 63.7 percent of the total sum available for the Czech Republic in these years.

From the beginning of last year to the end of November, domestic recipients of EU subsidies received Kc102.4bn.

Out of the total sum paid so far, the Finance Ministry has asked the European Commission to cover 47.7 percent, or Kc385.5bn. Only this sum is regarded as subsidies drawn.

According to Braun, the Czech Republic can receive over Kc800bn in the 2007-2013 period.

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