Consumer prices in CR accelerate yr/yr growth to 1.1 pct in Nov

Peníze, mince, česká měna, koruna, úspory - ilustrační foto.

published: 09.12.2013, 09:44 | updated: 09.12.2013 10:29:27

Prague - Consumer prices in the Czech Republic accelerated year-on-year growth to 1.1 percent in November from October´s 0.9 percent, growing faster again after four months of slowdown, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) announced today.

Month on month, consumer prices dropped by 0.1 percent in November. In particular food prices grew against October and the fall in fuel prices got slower.

Přírůstek indexu spotřebitelských cen v Česku (listopad 2012 - listopad 2013)

The results are in harmony with the expectations of analysts who said that the crown´s weakening due to the forex interventions would be reflected in inflation in a bigger way only in the following months.

Milk and yogurts are among the foods whose prices grew faster in November than in October. Prices of non-alcoholic beverages started growing again after a fall in October. Prices grew slower by eggs, telephone and telefax services and fuels.

Yr/yr, prices of potatoes rose by two thirds and prices of cheese and butter by some one tenth. In housing, increases were registered by net actual rentals, water supply, sewage collection, electricity, heat and hot water. Prices of wine and tobacco products went up as well.

On the other hand, prices of natural gas were 7 percent lower and prices in furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance fell as well, as did prices of household appliances.

The fall in consumer prices against October was given by a moderate price fall by spirits and beer, off-season package holidays, cosmetics and fuels.

Prices also decreased against October by clothing and footwear and of food by flour, edible oils, sugar, cocoa and tea.

On the other hand, prices increased by vegetables, eggs, butcher products, yoghurts, cheese, milk, chocolate and chocolate-based products.


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