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07.05.2014 12:18

Prague - Conditions for establishing a family have been deteriorating in the Czech Republic in the past years, when young people´s unemployment has risen and their incomes have declined, according to the data the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) released to journalists today.


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Czechs postpone the founding of a family until a higher age. They also tend to leave their parents´ home later than in the past, also because much more of them study at university.

In the mid-1990, men left the parents´ home at the age of 24 and women at the age of 22.

Since 2010 they have done so aged 26 and 24, respectively.

In the mid-1990s, young men and women established partnership couples at the age of 26 and 24, approximately, now they do so aged over 30 and over 26, respectively.

In the 1990s, conditions for the employment of young people were favourable. Most of them preferred earning money to studying at university, and so they had money to establish a family.

At present, young people study until a higher age and start working and earning money later. Their wages are lower, compared with the situation in the past.

"This mainly applies to fresh university graduates, who, at the beginning of their career, earn 70 percent of what is the average pay of university graduates," said Ondrej Nyvlt, from the CSU.

He said the risk of young people´s unemployment has risen, afflicting mainly women.

The situation has been complicated by the persisting traditional division of roles where the man is supposed to earn money and the woman to stay at home with children.

Women are actually more educated because they prevail among university graduates. This may cause a change in the traditional division of roles, Nyvlt said.

The work conditions for women with small children are also difficult due to the shortage of nurseries and kindergartens. As a result, the women return to the labour market after a pause, in their late thirties, Nyvlt said.

"The rate of the unemployment of women with small children is triple compared with childless women. This, too, may play a role in people´s decision making on whether to establish a family," he added.

The establishing of families could be enhanced by the introduction of a shared parental leave, an extension of part-time jobs for parents and an increase in the number of nurseries and kindergartens, Nyvlt said.

He said the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry is forming a team of experts who would outline the state´s planned pro-family policy.

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