Climate targets can´t be met without nuclear energy --Sobotka


16.06.2014 16:08

Bratislava - Nuclear energy plays an important role in safe and smooth energy supplies and the Czech Republic considers it as suitable for fulfilling the targets for cutting carbon dioxide emissions, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka declared in a speech at the European Nuclear Forum today.


Předseda vlády Bohuslav Sobotka. ČTK Krumphanzl Michal

Without nuclear energy, the Czech Republic would be unable to meet these targets, he stated.

"I consider nuclear energy as a legitimate part of the energy mix in the context of fight against climate changes. Without further development of nuclear energy, the Czech Republic and probably also some other countries would be unable to fulfil their pledges in the area of carbon dioxide emissions if they want to develop their industries," Sobotka said.

He was defending independent decision making of EU member countries as regards energy sources.

The earlier decision of the Czech government not to provide state guarantees for the development of nuclear energy, due to which power company CEZ opted for cancelling the tender for building two more units in nuclear power plant Temelin, does not mean distrust in nuclear energy, Sobotka said.

"Nuclear energy has a firm place in the [Czech Republic´s] energy mix," he noted, adding that the development of nuclear energy is impossible at all costs and at the expense of consumers.

The government in its policy statement pledged to support construction of new units in nuclear power plants Temelin and Dukovany if it is advantageous for the Czech state.

The Czech Republic together with Slovakia stood behind the European Energy Forum´s start in 2007. They rank among the advocates of nuclear energy in the EU in the long term.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico confirmed this in his speech at the forum as well.

"Slovakia clearly plans development of nuclear energy. No sources, including nuclear ones, should be discriminated against," Fico stated.

Renewable energy sources cannot replace nuclear energy but they can be a supplement in energy production, he added.

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