Ceska zbrojovka to supply another 80,000 pistols to Egypt --press


17.02.2014 09:19

Brno - Arms producer Ceska zbrojovka Uhersky Brod will supply the Egyptian police with another almost 80,000 pistols as the Egyptian Interior Ministry several days ago turned to the producer with demand for 50,000 pistols that another European firm was to supply, daily E15 writes today.


Na brněnském Výstavišti začaly 22. května 2013 12. mezinárodní veletrh obranné a bezpečnostní techniky IDET a 16. mezinárodní veletrh požární a bezpečnostní techniky a služeb PYROS/ISET. Na snímku je pistole z České Zbrojovky. ČTK Krumphanzl Michal, ČTK

The ministry had first raised last year´s order for 50,000 pistols by 29,000 pistols. The orders are worth hundreds of millions of crowns, the daily adds.

Ceska zbrojovka wants to supply the first 29,000 CZ P-07 pistols by the end of October, as its CEO Lubomir Kovarik has said.

Moreover, company Sellier & Bellot will supply 10 million cartridges of the 9 millimetre calibre to Egypt.

Ceska zbrojovka won the tender for the supply of the first 50,000 pistols for Egypt last year. In the summer, it had to suspend the exports due to the clashes between the government forces and supporters of unseated president Mohamed Morsi.

Kovarik said that the supply had been completed already.

Ceska zbrojovka is one of the biggest Czech arms manufacturers. The company's parent plant is in Uhersky Brod and apart from arms production in this plant, the company also produces arms for sport and hunting in Brno.

Ceska zbrojovka produced 181,000 arms in 2012 and its sales reached Kc2.1bn.

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